Lighting Up When Walking Your Dog Night

If you're among a lot of men and women who chooses your puppy outside for an evening walk, that is a fantastic thing. It is beneficial for you and your puppy. But, the two of you are far more challenging to see at night so be sure and follow both of these steps and light yourself up and your puppy. We do not need either of you to be a tragic statistic.

Speaking of data, you may want to know that based on the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), 4378 individuals died in 2008 if they had been struck by vehicles? Of these, 57.8 percent were murdered between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. Remember this number does not include those individuals injured, but not killed. Everything doom and gloom means is that you have to be extra careful once you're out there walking or walking on the street after dark either on your own of with your puppy.

When possible, walk onto a sidewalk and always use a high quality dog leash. Otherwise, walk facing oncoming traffic. It is important you see who is coming toward you since they might not find you.
Wear representing or lighted gear (A clip variant of a lighted dog collar works good on a belt or strap).
Wear brightly colored clothes, rather white. A slide over white top works good.
Have a lighted leash and collar to your dog. You will find a number of lighted collars available on the marketplace, but the LED attached kind is the best since it is going to match both harnesses and collars.
Keep a tight grip in your puppy's leash so he does not bolt away from you after a wayward cat.
Be cautious. There are some crazy drivers on the market.